Reasons to Choose us

Our services are tailor-made to cater for your every need.

Our team of savvy and friendly consultants are ever ready to your questions, work with you, and guide you through the process, until your demand is met. 

We are experienced and consistent, with more than 10 years of providing excellent consultancy services. This has brought us reputation, and consequently earned us trust which has successfully established us as frontline competitors in the business of providing quality educational services for overseas students.

It is in our culture to leave our customers happier than we met them. For that reason, we operate an institution with a strong refund policy where we have monies refunded to customers in cases where their demands are not met . This also includes a 30-day Money Back Guarantee to customers who may change their minds within the space of 30 days ( See terms & conditions for details).

We are 24/7 operative, and are always available to give immediate response through any medium of contact deemed fit.