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Crystalinks Education strongly believe that there is a significant role for travel and education consultants in today’s world. Through our parent company owned H/Q in the UK, offering a strategic advantage to provide quality and serious students to the various study destinations. We offer various services to students from all parts of the world, who wish to pursue their higher education in countries in America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. Our prime areas of specialisation includes counseling students to identify the right country that can accommodate their discipline and lifestyle, right course that fits their career goal and the right College or University that can provide them a quality, stable and safe environment for study. We provide updated information and having both international and domestic network to assist our students to gain admissions in the finest of the Colleges and Universities that best suit their education background and fore mostly their interest. The career interests of the students visiting our office are given the utmost priority and a detailed three-round counseling session is conducted to help them identify their interests and career goals.
In the field of Education, we render the following services:
Educational Consultancy
Educational Trip