Crystalinks Investment & Services Ltd has an obligation to do more than just generate profit; we have a responsibility to give back to the society and host community.

Educational Outreach
We currently have educational outreach programs running in every host community in Africa we work in. We distribute various educational materials, grant scholarships through various levels of education, and carry out other collaborative activities designed to engage the youths and foster community participation in addressing issues of concern and promoting their wellbeing.

Environmental Stewardship
We respect the environment we work in, and we fight to protect it at all times through proper recycling, conservation, regeneration and restoration of the environment. We take responsibility for our choices by putting a system in place that would enable us use resources more efficiently, reduce waste and minimise the negative impact it creates on the environment.
We align with the concept of a green environment and community by focusing on using environmental friendly products, using as little energy as possible, generating little visual, noise and physical pollutions all in a bid to promote economic benefits, human health benefits and protection and conservation of the environment.