By Chukwuka Osakwe


Educational consultants, are professionals who help parents, and students identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, within the educational system. They help the student, make adjustments to his/her approach to education, to maximize the benefits of the educational system. They also help schools, and the government in the making of curricula, programs, hiring teachers etc., to deliver the highest possible quality of education.


Given Nigeria’s low performing educational system, educational consultants should be key players in the job of nation building. Nation building, is largely dependent on a good educational system, if the nation will move forward, educational consultants will have to be paid attention to, since they specialize in easily the most important field in any nation as a whole.


One way educational consultants, help nation building is in the development of curricula. Due to the irrepressible march of scientific, and technological advancements, the essential needs of students are ever changing, educational consultants help in developing curricula, that reflects the need of the students at that particular point in time. A function that is so utterly important, because if we don’t move with the pace of scientific advancements, we’ll find ourselves left in the dust, teaching the same old methods while the rest of the world moves on.


Educational consultants also assists the government in checking the quality of schools in the country. Suffice it to say, that subpar schools in this country, are a dime a dozen. Where I live for example there are two schools, on a very short stretch of road, houses in funny looking contraptions of wood, labelled classrooms, hardly an ideal learning environment. Schools like this abound all over the country, and their proliferation needs to be checked, because most of them not only have a questionable learning environment, they also lack the ability to deliver quality education. It’s up to the government to get educational consultants on board, to check the quality of education being offered in schools, and to recommend the subpar schools to the government, so they can be shut down.


Different strokes for different folks, is an adage we would do well to adhere to in our country’s educational system today. A lot of people in the system, are moving either too quickly, or too slowly and these people find out sooner or later that education is not a one size fits all enterprise, and begin to wonder how to adjust themselves to get the most out of it. This is where the educational consultant, comes in and helps parents, student, and teacher map out a plan for the student according to his own individual capabilities. This lack of tailored programs in this country, is a serious challenge, since a lot of people who might have done well if they’d gone at their own pace, end up getting bumped through the system, and come out of it only to realize, that they can’t compete on equal footing with their peers.


Lastly but by no means least important, educational consultants can with time modify the learning system in our country, making it less theoretically inclined, and more innovative, with more emphasis on developing creativity in students. An infusion of creativity, into the system would make school, a much more fun place to go, right now school is the place you have to trudge through in order to get a certificate, to get a job. There is no sense of fun, or innovation about education right now, and that’s terrible. Education can and should be fun, and it’s up to the educational consultants to bring back the fun in  learning.


Educational consultancy, is one job most people in this country don’t even pay attention to. However they have a most important role to play in our society. It would be wonderful if we all began to pay more attention, to the men and women, who can save us from the educational quagmire we’ve found ourselves in.