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For: Crystalinks Education

You probably never heard of them but below are some of the schools with the most unusual names. These names leave you wondering whether the pioneers had been in their right minds when they picked them. Go over the list and see for yourself.

​1 Tiny tits School

Isn’t this totally absurd and just laughable?

Massacre Pre-School

“Developing young minds for life” or death?

Butts Road Primary School

Butts Road school is located in Virginia, with 2 different school levels; Butts Road Primary School and Butts Road Intermediate School.

Butte High School

Public high school located in Butte Country, Idaho.

Governor Dummer Academy

The Governor’s Academy (formerly Governor Dummer Academy) is an independent school located in the village of Byfield, Massachusetts. The school was established in 1763, and is the United States’ oldest continuously-operating independent boarding school.

West Fukasumi Titnipple High

This highschool is located in West Fukasumi (south of Japan) and it is an industrial high school.

EPIC School

The EPIC elementary school is located in Alabama.

Inuman Elementary School

This “Inuman Elementary School” sign in Barangay Inarawan of Antipolo City, Phillipines, is not the fault of any ungrammatical or mischievous sign-maker, but the real name of a real school!

Worthington Hooker School

Worthington Hooker School is a school in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut. It is part of the New Haven public school system. The school was named after former Yale University professor and physician Dr. Worthington Hooker.

10 Weed High School

Public school nestled in the easternmost section of Weed, California.