​Crystalinks Education is a leading new generation of Educational Consultancy established with the belief that there is a significant need for qualified education consultants. Understanding the uniqueness of every student, their academic needs, and how uneasy studying in a different country might be, we have developed an innovative approach to ensure every student gets the best. We are here to advise, guide and assist you every step of the way!

Our dedicated team of highly-trained consultants are committed to assisting International Students and Corporate Organizations, working tirelessly to bring you the finest higher institutions across Asia, Europe, Africa & America.

Our services include; Accommodations, Airport Transfers, Visa advice, Part-time Students Jobs, Counselling, and International Examination centres for IELTS, GMATS, TOEFL.

Why choose us?

  • Our services are tailor-made to cater to your needs. You will receive a personalized service from our team of dedicated consultants. 
  • We’ve already established quite a reputation with our customers, and are more than just a business as we go out of our way to work with you right until you deem us expendable.
  • We have a team of enthusiastic experts who are unrivaled in the quality of services delivered.
  • We guarantee you a No Obligation, Affordable, Flexible, and Hassle-Free service, and we operate a Full REFUND policy!

We have helped hundreds of students secure a place in top Institutions around the world. We can help you too! Contact us today…

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